East Pole Tasting Pack

East Pole Tasting Pack
East Pole Tasting Pack
East Pole Tasting Pack
East Pole Tasting Pack
East Pole Tasting Pack

East Pole Tasting Pack

Discover our Melbourne-distilled gins: Classic Dry, Pink Grapefruit, Kakadu Plum & Desert Lime. Each 200ml sample offers a unique 22.3% ABV experience, bursting with bold botanicals. It's genuine gin, expertly recalibrated for your enjoyment.

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Best Served WIth

Capi Dry Tonic and a wedge of fresh lemon.

Tasting notes:

Each of our gins is distilled with specific native botanicals to create distinctively
different gins. Each gin has a different balance of floral, herbal, spicy and citrus
notes. The intensity of each characteristic in this gin is shown below.

Floral: / 10

Herbal: / 10

Spicy: / 10

Citrus: / 10

Fruity: / 10

INSIDE YOUR BOTTLE OF East Pole Tasting Pack

Juniper Berries

This is what makes gin, gin. Juniper brings lifted piney fresh notes with subtle spice and provides a backbone for the other botanicals to rest upon.

Liquorice Root

We use it to give the gin some great oily textual notes with a subtle woodsy aroma and very delicate sweetness.

Coriander Seeds

Provides spice (and all things nice) with a somewhat citrus punch and dare we say, grassy notes.

Angelica Root

If juniper brings the top notes, Angelica supports the bottom providing its well known fixative properties with a delicate drying bitterness.

Whole Lemon

Steamed in the basket we use it to freshen up the gin as the vapor makes it final pass through the still.

Orris Root

Orris provides an almost ethereal floral note, an incredibly engaging aroma and helps bring all the botanicals together in the gin

EP Fruit Cup

60ml East Pole Classic Dry
15ml Curacao/Triple Sec
30ml Capi Ginger Ale
30ml Capi Lemonade
Dash Aromatic Bitters

Yuzu Collins

60ml East Pole Classic Dry
15ml Yuzushu
60ml Mandarin Soda
5ml Sugar Syrup
Dash Absinthe

Sticky Martini

60ml East Pole Classic Dry
15ml Dessert Wine
10ml Dry Vermouth
Dash Orange Bitters

Dirty Martini

60ml East Pole Classic Dry
10ml Dry Vermouth
5ml Olive Brine

Classic Negroni

30ml East Pole Classic Dry
30ml Red Bitter
30ml Sweet Vermouth

Pink Spritz

60ml East Pole Pink Grapefruit
60ml Rose Sparkling
15ml Red Bitter

Coach Station

60ml East Pole Pink Grapefruit
60ml Tomato Juice
15ml Verjus
Dash Hot Sauce
Salt & Pepper

Peach Jasmine

60ml East Pole Pink Grapefruit
20ml Apricot Liqueur
10ml Red Bitter
20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Dash Orange Blossom Water


“East Pole has found the
solution I didn’t really
know I was looking for!


“I love the flavor of this
dry gin — it’s light and
lively, and it’s refreshing
with soda or tonic.”

- Fiona

“It’s delicious, and unique.
I love everything from the
packaging, to the flavors.”

- James